Breakfast for Dinner

unnamedPaleo pancakes for dinner with nitrate-free bacon!  This was so yummy.  A great treat, and as you can see the Caveman is busy on his tablet.

Check out the Recipe!


Spaghetti Squash

unnamed (5)

Spaghetti Squash is a delicious substitute for pasta while eating Paleo or just looking for a healthy alternative.  I simply googled spaghetti squash and used the first recipe I found.

I cut the squash in half and used a spoon to scrape out the seeds.  Then, rubbed it with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Put it upside-down on a pan and cooked it in the oven at 425 for about 40 minutes. unnamed (4)You know it’s cooked when you can puncture it from the outside with a fork easily.  Be sure to let it cool before you use a fork to scoop out the “spaghetti”

The Caveman was amazed with how the spaghetti came out of the squash.

Top it off with some organic pasta sauce for a delicious meal.  Low calories and Paleo.

2 Weeks In

After two weeks we have seen a little more weight loss and some inches gone!

I have lost a total of 5 pounds and the caveman has lost 8!

As for inches I have lost 2 around my mid section!  I am not seeing as much weight loss as I would like, but I am also not exercising like I should be.

Goal for this week:  Exercise 3 times!  I know it seems small, but I have not been working out at all within the last few weeks so I think it’s a good place to start.

Cheat Day

Yes, I did… I had a cheat meal.  I went rogue.  The caveman wants to have a cheat meal every week but I did not.

I have come to terms that this is a lifestyle change and there are bound to be the occasional slip-ups.  I ordered the taco salad and the Caveman got the deep fried platter 😉

unnamed (12)

Paleo Bread!

unnamed (13)

Trying some Paleo bread!  I got some at Marlene’s Market.  It is from  Julian Bakery.  It came frozen so I thawed it on the counter and then in the fridge.  I toasted it and put some almond butter, honey and bananas.  I got the Paleo Bread honey type.

The Review:

It was a little bit dry and was not the same as regular bread, but it was super delicious!  I think I will be trying to make some french toast with it tomorrow morning!

Paleo at BJ’s Restaurant

unnamed (6)Another challenge!  Dinner out with my mom and sister at BJ’s Restaurant.  My challenge was to eat Paleo there and I did it.  I asked if they had a Paleo menu and the waitress looked at me like I was speaking a different language.  She did offer me a gluten-free menu that I used to find a Paleo friendly meal.

I ordered:  House Top Sirloin and it came with two sides.  I split the steak with my mom (I was not super hungry) and I got a side of steamed green beans and she ordered a baked potato.

I have now realized how much we truly eat out and it is a struggle to eat Paleo, but the one thing that helps is that my friends and family know and understand my food options and are always flexible to what I can and can’t eat.

Always remember to ask if they have Paleo or gluten free options.  Most people know Paleo and can recommend something others can at least point you to a food list with ingredients.

Trip to Marlene’s Market!

unnamed (7)Most people I talk to about stores to shop for Paleo food send me to Trader Joe’s, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this place online!  Check out their website here.  After a long day of bridesmaid’s dress shopping we finally found one! YAY!  And I stopped into see what Marlene’s Market had to offer a Palo eater.

Here were my findings:

They have a great selection of Organic, Gluten Free, Paleo and Raw foods!  I would totally recommend you go to the one nearest you!  They also have a super cute deli and sell body care items as well.  I asked the clerk for Paleo stuff and even tho she was not as knowledgeable about Paleo, she was very kind and able to direct me to various “Paleo Approved” items- I went hog wild!

My haul:

unnamed (9)

Paleo Wraps.  I think I will try them with ground beef and lettuce!  They were not cheap, but I was super excited to try something new

unnamed (8)

Paleo Dressing!  Now I can stop eating dry lettuce or Italian dressing on my salads.  It is very yummy and tastes kind of like honey mustard!  Caveman approved!

unnamed (10)

OMG my FAVORITE!  These are like heaven!  I told myself just one a day… I might have to change it to one every other day.  But super yummy and they sell them individually and in packs of 5.

unnamed (11)

The inside.  I just had to.  Definitely my favorite Paleo treat!

As I try the wraps I will let you know how they taste.  I have high hopes because all the ingredients seem amazing.

Very pleased to find a place to add some variety into my Paleo diet.